Welcome. In the 21st century we have an ocean of resources. We’re not lacking information, knowledge, or wisdom. What we need is a mind that is capable of processing it all.

Upcoming Events and Programs

Sunday Meditation

gong 300Shamatha (Calm Abiding) meditation practice, Sunday morning from 9:00 to 11:00

Tara Practice from 11:00 to 12:30 on the 1st Sunday

Guided Meditations from 11:00 to 12:00 on 2nd and 3rd Sundays

Nalandabodhi Study Programs

 Hinayana Study:  Path and Fruition  

Tuesday evenings, Jan 9 through Feb 20 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM

The course shows you how the Hinayana view (the Foundational view)  is applied through practice, and where you will explore techniques of mindfulness, concentration, and insight. Much of the focus of this section is on meditation — different methods and benefits of meditation.  You are welcome to attend the course without completing the first course.  The course uses a sourcebook of teachings from Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

Mahayana Study:  Paths and Bhumis

Wednesday Evenings 7:00 to 8:30 from Jan. 17 through Feb. 14

We will learn about the Paramitas and Bhumis in terms of their transcendent qualities, but also from the perspective of what they mean to us as ordinary beings on the path.  The practices of the paramitas are the means in which we we take ourselves and others to the “other shore” of the ocean of samsara! They take us to the state of realizing who we truly are, and help us to go beyond our usual confusion and ego clinging!  The Paths and Bhumis will be explored as means of progressing along the path to complete Buddhahood!  We will look at them from the point of view of how they develop both insight and skillful means!

Winter Kado

Beginning Series with Eileen Kay, Sogetsu Somu Certificate Teacher

winter kado

The practice of ikebana or the path of flowers is a beautiful art form. It is also a contemplative discipline that brings focus to our mental, physical and spiritual being. With each arrangement, we use all our senses to come into the present moment to connect with space, color, form and our own state of mind.

Classes cover the basics of Ikebana from how to cut a stem to how to place plant materials in a container. There will also be exercises on perception and contemplation to help us find joy, harmony and authentic expression in creating arrangements. Class is open for each student at their own pace, exploring materials, themes, Sogetsu curriculum, and individual curiosity. There will be both beginners and more experienced students in the classes.

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Mark Your Calendar for a Special Weekend Program

Training the Wisdom Body:
In-depth Lujong and Subtle Body Training
February 23-25
With Rose Taylor

Training-the-Wisdom-Body-Cover-original1-725x1024LUJONG IS THE ANCIENT TIBETAN PRACTICE that brings physical exercise and meditation together. It enhances natural confidence, helps meditation become deeper and more profound, dissolves anxiety and stress, and increases physical and mental vibrancy. It was introduced to the West by the Tibetan master Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, who personally trained Rose. This practice works on the threefold levels of our human being: the physical body, the subtle body of feeling and sensation, and pure awareness.

During this weekend, we will train with body-based meditations, subtle body practices, and movement meditations.

Lujong exercise is accessible for all levels of physical ability and fitness. All are welcome to join Rose Taylor Goldfield for an exploration of the natural wisdom inherent in our bodies. Rose is the leading teacher of Lujong in the west, and has recently authored Training the Wisdom Body: Buddhist Yogic Exercise, a comprehensive guide to yogic interconnection of the body, breath, and mind.

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Nalandabodhi Mission

Provide a complete curriculum of study, meditation, and mindful activity, based on an authentic lineage of Buddhist teachings, that is accessible and relevant to everyday life.

Offer a supportive environment for exploring and applying these teachings, with people who understand the challenges of creating a meaningful life in the 21st century.


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