Welcome. In the 21st century we have an ocean of resources. We’re not lacking information, knowledge, or wisdom. What we need is a mind that is capable of processing it all.

Upcoming Program & Events

Mahayana 304

Yogachara, Mind Only, and Shentong

January. 22 – March 5, 7:00-8:30pm

This class is based on developing an experiential understanding of how mind functions. We will look at the Three Natures or the three levels of operation according to the Yogacharya.  This will involve looking at mind’s endless projections and how they create delusion and suffering.  We will contrast Madhyamaka and Yogacharya and see how Shentong approaches the qualities of Buddha Nature. Two meditation practicums will be included with the themes of “The Four Yogic Practices” and “Resting in Mind’s Natural Luminosity”.  This class looks at how we get caught in our web of confusion and gives us a practical path to overcoming our mistaken views.
When: Jan.22 – March 5,  7 Tuesdays from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.
Cost:  $60 for members and $70 for non members. The text is $15.
Location: 100 Arapahoe Ave., #6, Boulder, CO.
Please come and join us for this very profound class!
If you have any questions or payment issues please contact Steve Burden at sherablt@gmail.com

Awakening of Faith with Venerable Dammadipa

Five practices in the awakening of faith with samatha/vipassana

Friday, January 25th & Saturday, January 26th

Venerable Dammadipa will present teachings on the Mahayana-sharaddhotpada-shastra – Treatise on the Awakening of Faith.  This is a brief but influential exposition of the fundamentals of Mahayana Buddhism from the Sanskrit poet Ashvaghosa.  There are not references, texts or commentaries originating in Sanskrit about this text, but the book contains one of the clearest presentations of the doctrine of the trikaya of the Buddha.  It discusses the transitory physical body (nirmanakaya), the glorious ‘bliss body’ (sambhogakaya), and the celestial body of the Buddha, (dharmakaya).

Friday, January 25th: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Saturday, January 26th:  9:30am – 12:00pm & 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Friday evening $20 or $50 for the full program (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Location: Odantapuri, Nalandabodhi Boulder,  100 Arapahoe, #6

Over the years Venerable has presented dharma teachings and led meditation retreats around the world. Personally, he has a gentle and easy-going manner. He teaches that the knowledge of the Buddhist way should be applied in practice and verified first hand through direct experience. Venerable Dhammadipa is a rare gem in contemporary Buddhism and a foremost Western teacher with many unique insights.

Ven. Dhammadipa image (2)

Biography - Venerable Dhammadipa (lay name Thomas Peter Gutman) was born in Czechoslovakia in 1949. He studied Chinese Literature and Philosophy at Prague Karl University, studied Russian literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and in the late seventies began his Buddhist studies in Berlin, where he had immigrated as a refugee after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.  He received a master’s degree in Chinese literature and philosophy at the University of Paris and has taught French and German while enrolled at Nalanda University in India where he also studied Sanskrit and Buddhist Philosophy. After receiving a degree at Nalanda in 1984, he served as the Associate Librarian at Berlin University.  He has also studied in Japan under Zen Master Harada Serrei Roshi.

In 1987 he ordained as a monk in Meetirigala and was given a Dharma name as Dhammadipa (island of Buddhism or Dharma). He received the full Theravada Bhiksu ordination in Sri Lanka. In 1989, he received the Three-Fold ordination as a Mahayana Monk in Hsi Lai Temple, Los Angeles and began Dharma teaching in US, Germany and Taiwan.  In 1996, Venerable went to Myanmar to practice meditation with the contemporary master Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw and was recognized as the first of his Western disciples to teach meditation. He has since been teaching Samatha (tranquil mental states) and Vipassana (direct seeing of the Dharma) meditation at monasteries and universities worldwide.

Venerable Dhammadipa speaks Czech, French, German, English, Russian, and fluent Chinese. He reads and translates Buddhist texts from Pali and Sanskrit. His translated various works in French and Czech and his teachings in Taiwan have been compiled and printed in Chinese.


Winter Kado

The practice of ikebana or the path of flowers is a beautiful practice and contemplative path.

It teaches us that everyone has the instinct and courage for artistic talent.

Skill develops with curiosity, receptivity, guidance from a trained instructor, and practice.

Please join us for the opportunity to learn basic patterns of harmony and mindfulness in working with branches, flowers, water, space, intuition and elegance.

Classes cover the basics of ikebana from how to cut a stem to how to place plant materials in a container.

There will also be readings and exercises on perception and contemplation to allow for reflection and appreciation while new perspectives and creativity flourish.

Class is always open for each student at their own pace, exploring varied materials, themes and the Sogetsu curriculum.

There will be both beginners and more experienced students in the classes.

     Winter Series with Eileen Kay, Sogetsu Somu Certificate Teacher

   Limited to 8 - eileenkay1027@msn.com / 303-449-0192

Winter Session

November 30 / December 14 / January 4, 18 / February 1, 15 

3 – 5 pm   100 Arapaho #6 Boulder

Classes include: flowers and plant materials, use of supplies: clipper, container, etc., demonstration, hands on instruction and critique.

Purchase of a text is recommended ($25), $125 – full 6 class session, $25 drop in


Sunday Open Meditation

All are welcome!

gong 300

The sitting practice of meditation is an invaluable tool!
Come join us any Sunday morning between 9:00 and 11:00 AM.
We offer basic instruction at 9 am and continue with mindful sitting and walking meditation.

Tara Practice from 11:00 to 12:30 on the 1st Sunday of the month

Lujong Practice from 11:00 to 12:30 on the 2nd Sunday of the month

On the 4th Sunday of the month, we have Open Heart Circle practice from 11:00 – 11:30 to send prayers to those who are ill or have recently died.  

Wisdom Body Lujong: Tibetan Yoga

11 am to Noon at Nalandabodhi – 100 Arapahoe #6

Those interested in doing lujong, please join us for a monthly practice session on second Sundays of the month following our regular Sunday sitting.

Guided group practice with time for discussion, questions and clarifications.

Hope to see you: Nov. 11 / Dec. 9 / Jan. 13 / Feb. 10…

Please contact Eileen Kay with any questions eileenkay1027@msn.com

Nalandabodhi Mission Statement

Offering the timeless wisdom and boundless compassion of the Buddha to inspire individuals and create kind communities in today’s world.
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Upcoming Program & Events

Upcoming Program & Events

Upcoming Program & Events

Upcoming Program & Events

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Upcoming Program & Events

Upcoming Programs & Events

Upcoming Programs & Events

Upcoming Program & Events

Upcoming Program & Events