Medicine Buddha

*** Ring in the New Year with Blessings of Health & Healing ***

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Meditation and the Healing Guru: Medicine Buddha’s Outer, Inner & Secret Practices for Attaining the Two Truths

The Healing Guru ~ Medicine Buddha, is so powerful a practice it is said innumerable benefits arise just by hearing his name or mantra, including enhancement of healing practices and the infusing of medicines.

In this weekend, transmission and practice instructions will be given to help you engage in the embodiment of your innate healing potential. This concise yet simple healing practice is founded in generation and embodiment of the Medicine Buddha’s characteristics and compassion practice.

Tools to transform poisonous emotions and illness into healing energy for self and others benefits those experiencing pain of any kind, illness, as well as those dying. All can experience relative and ultimate truth as gifted by this practice of embodied compassion.

Those new to meditation and healing practices, as well as those seeking deeper Medicine Buddha will benefit. Participants may bring any fresh, unopened medicine for blessings and will learn how to use this practice with healing substances.

Open to everyone & especially helpful for those in the healing arts!

Nashalla G Nyinda (2)

Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda Menpa TMD, LMT began studying Tibetan Medicine in 1999 and treating with permission in 2004. At the encouragement of her root teacher, Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche she moved to Darjeeling, India to study at the Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute. Nashalla earned her Menpa degree (Doctor of Tibetan Medicine) from Qinghai Tibetan Medical College, Tibet and The Shang Shung Institute of Tibetan Medicine in 2009. She holds an Interdisciplinary Studies BA from Naropa University, with a focus on Asian Medicines and Buddhist Psychology. Nashalla has published and taught Tibetan Medicine techniques worldwide to Tibetan and Western students, practitioners, and doctors. An Adjunct Professor at Naropa, she teaches Anatomy and Nutrition, and has developed training manuals for Tibetan Medicine in English. She founded the Sowa Birthing Method for late stage pregnancy and postpartum care. Acting director of the Nyinda Clinic for Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing in Boulder, Colorado, she and husband, Dr. Tsundu S. Nyinda, offer classes, consults and internships in Tibetan Medicine and the Sowa Birthing Method.

Friday, 1/3:  7:00pm – 8:30pm (transmission will be given – requirement for the program)

Saturday, 1/4:  9:30-12:00 & 2:00-4:30pm

Location: 100 Arapaho Ave, #100

Cost: Suggested donation $60

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