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sangha_retreat_2011_s_pownall_2011-12-10_mg_3770The best way to become a member of Nalandabodhi, or to find out more about what it means to be part of the Nalandabodhi community, is to connect with our Membership Coordinator at



In 1996 Nalandabodhi Boulder became the first practice center under the direction of The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.   Our center, Odantapuri, is now home to almost 100 members, second only to Seattle in the Nalandabodhi International mandala.

By becoming a member of Nalandabodhi Boulder you will join a vibrant community dedicated to bringing the genuine lineage of Tibetan Buddhism to modern Western culture through study, practice and activity.

Membership Benefits

  • Member discount of 20% on for classes and programs
  • Access to online classes and webcasts
  • Personalized Practice Instruction
  • Access to Nalandabodhi’s book, audio, and video library
  • Eligibility for formal students to attend annual Sangha Retreat in Seattle
  • Listing in Membership Directory
  • Opportunities for personal growth and service through Path of Mindful Activity

Membership Commitments


The Nalandabodhi study path provides a comprehensive introduction to Buddhism and deepens the understanding of the teachings by systematically leading students through a complete overview of the ground, path and fruition of the three yana journey.  Members are encouraged to complete the curriculum as laid out and taught by The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.  The NB study path can be continually enriching regardless of your previous dharma study.


We encourage members to engage in daily meditation practice and move through progressive stages of practice with the guidance of a Practice Instructor.  Sunday morning group practice is an opportunity to strengthen one’s daily practice as well as the practice path of the sangha as a whole.


Using our practice and study, we engage the world with mindful activity in many ways. We look for ways to serve the larger community, such as serving the homeless meals once a month. We also offer help and support to members who are ill or near the end of life. A group in Boulder called Bodhi Heart offers end of life support. Offering time in helping others is an expectation for members and opportunity to practice mindfulness and compassion.


Our center functions exclusively through the volunteer efforts of our members. We encourage members to offer some form of financial support to the center on a regular basis. A vital form of support is through regular monthly dues which help to cover operating costs for Odantapuri (ODP), the Nalandabodhi Center in Boulder, as well as contribute to Ponlop Rinpoche’s activities in Seattle and throughout his many centers and travels. We also encourage members to spend a few hours each month doing service of some type to help with ODP activities, or other type of community service.

A vital form of support is through regular monthly dues which help to cover operating costs for Odantapuri as well as support Rinpoche’s mandala and fund teacher visits.

Membership Dues are $40 per month.  Students and Seniors $32 per month.

  • If you need a special dues arrangement please discuss this issue with our Membership Coordinator or one of our Center  Co-directors to find a workable dues payment amount. We have 100% participation in dues to support our Center and its activities.
  • Nalandabodhi does ask that members sign up for automatic dues payment of the monthly dues amount. The ACH dues collection system is safe and efficient and we can stop it at any time with just an email or a phone call. Please consider using this service. To sign up for automatic ACH dues payments, please print out the ACH form and return it to the Nalandabodhi Boulder P.O. Box address indicated on the form.


Becoming a Formal Student of The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

To become a formal student means that you have asked Rinpoche to be your teacher and Rinpoche has accepted you as his student.  It is recommended that you be a member for three to six months before you make this request. When you are moved to take this step it is advised that you discuss this with your Nalandabodhi Practice Instructor.  You may write a one-page letter to Rinpoche introducing yourself and stating your desire to become a formal student.  This letter goes to his corresponding secretary, , who meets with Rinpoche and presents these requests several times each year.  You will customarily receive a letter from Rinpoche acknowledging your request.

Being accepted as a formal student by Rinpoche offers many opportunities to deepen and enrich our practice, study, and activity within the sangha.  When we become students of a teacher, we take refuge in the teacher as a representative of the Buddha, in his teachings as genuine instructions leading us on the spiritual path, and in his community of students, or sangha, as partners in this journey.  The relationship between a teacher and his sangha is also reciprocal. Rinpoche often tells us that he needs his students’ feedback as well as participation and support to develop a Buddhadharma effective for Western students.  Working together with each other in the sangha also provides spiritual support and feedback.  As members, we share a commitment to establishing harmonious relationships with other members as part of the sangha discipline of loving kindness and compassion.  Sangha provides a vital aspect of our practice.  It is meditation in action and interaction.



Nalanda, the world’s supreme adornment

You’re the source of the noble land of India’s

Learned scholars, accomplished practitioners,

And the five fields of knowledge

Through applying ourselves with joyful diligence

In your hearing, reflection, and meditation,

May the lands of the West be established

In the three kinds of enlightenment.