Bodhi Heart serves to support the local community.  It is part of the Path of Mindful Activity as taught by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.  The Path of Mindful Activity integrates practices of mindfulness and the aspiration of bodhichitta (the intention to benefit all beings) with the activities of daily life.  Here in Boulder we feed the homeless once a month and provide sangha members in need with rides to the sangha or around town, errands, household chores, food delivery, pet care, and when friends and family are ill or in the process of dying we have an advocacy support program. If you would like to contribute donations, energy, or ideas to Bodhi Heart please contact Trish Flaster.

Some of our current activities to support members and the larger Boulder community:

  • Every month volunteers are helping to feed the homeless at a church site in Boulder.  We need 5-7 people during this time or split the time into two shifts (which could accommodate those people who get off work at 5pm)   Please contact Trish if interested.
  • We are initiating a nursing home community care support program.  Sangha members will visit nursing homes to offer companionship for residents.  This program is just beginning.  If you are interested, please contact Carol Rieder
  • Bodhi Heart is developing an advocacy program to support sangha members and their families when sick and dying. This includes Spiritual Care Directives, legal documents needed during and after death, and the training of members to offer compassionate care at these difficult times. Please contact Trish

Bodhi Seeds was founded by The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche to help with the many needs of Tibetan monastics andlay communities in South Asia. This project provides direct financial assistance to monks and nuns (both young and old), who are committed to continuing their study and practice. Donations supply individual monastics with books, food, clothing and medical care.  Recently the name Bodhi Heart was changed to Bodhi Seeds.  You may visit the Bodhi Seeds website.