Beginners Guide to Meditation

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

gong 300

5 classes, Tuesday nights 7:00-8:30

May 2 – May 30

The practice of meditation is one of becoming more familiar with our minds by discovering the direct perceptions that underly all of our experiences. We predominantly abide in our concepts about the world and project these concepts onto our experiences, causing much un-ease because these concepts are not in accord with the underlying reality.  Meditation helps us connect with this direct experience of now-ness, cultivates the ability to know the difference between direct experience and concepts, and allows us to be able to return to the experience of the present moment when we become distracted.

Meditation is a transformative experience, learned over time, by repetition, personal discovery, and flexibility. In this class we will explore purpose, method, and results of meditation using different methods and focal objects to deepen our understanding.

5 classes, Tuesday night 7-8:30, May 2 – May 30.

Contact:  Michael Miller at

Cost:  Donation requested of $5 to $10 per evening.  5 Sessions is $35


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