Guided Meditation

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Starting in the Fall—A Guided Analytical Meditation Series with Jirka Hladis

There will be seven meetings on consecutive 2nd & 3rd Sundays of the month.
Time: 11am-12pm at Odantapuri, following shamatha practice
Dates: 10 September, 17 September, 8 October, 15 October, 12 November, 19 November, 10 December

Using the Six Techniques of mindfulness of breathing from the Abhidharma tradition, we will train in the vipashyana—the “clear seeing” or “insight”—of selflessness. Each session will include instruction on one technique of mindfulness of breathing, first from the shamatha point of view. Then we will explore how this very same technique can be utilized for the cultivation of vipashyana.

These meditations sessions are open to all. No prior preparation or study is required. No need to attend all the sessions in sequence—these are drop-in guided meditation sessions.


Nalandabodhi Boulder - Odantapuri

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