Hinayana Path and Its Fruition

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Hinayana Path and Its Fruition

Nalandabodhi Study Course, online via Zoom

Starting April 7 and Weekly for 8 weeks

In this time of Corona virus it seems fitting to look to the Path for dealing with suffering, adverse conditions, fear and also explore the Fruition of the Path. While this class will not be directly about the virus, it will be easy to see the correlation in terms of how we work with our body, speech and mind.

In the Hinayana View class we looked at the constituent parts of our existence and our attitudes toward them, much like how an architect would look at the site and materials in planning a building.  In this class we will begin to lay the actual foundation for bringing this view into our practice and into our daily lives. This foundation is the crucial support needed for continuing into Mahayana and Vajrayana. The future quality of Vajrayana and Mahayana practice will be enhanced and rely on our efforts here.

We will examine what it means to take refuge, what it means to develop discipline, samadhi or meditation and prajna or insight.  We will have analytical meditation practicums on Shamatha, Vipsashyana and the four reminders. The 37 factors of enlightenment will include the 4 correct efforts and the 4 powers. These all will be covered in practical and useful ways to enhance your daily practice. This is a how to do it class, it is how we bring the vision into life.

When: April 7th at 7 to 8:30pm, for 8 weeks.

Where: Any where you can Zoom from. It is entirely a online class. It will be interactive with discussion.

Cost: We are suggesting $40 (including text) to help cover Center costs but no one will be excluded due to finances.  Please contact  me regarding financial problems and everyone should let us know if joining so we can get the text to you.

Class will be facilitated by Steve Burden and David Makowski

Please contact me with questions about the class. Hope to see on Zoom!

Steve Burden, Study Dept. Nalandabodhi Boulder


Please register via PayPal.  Or contact Steve if you need to make an alternative arrangement for payment and receipt of the text.

Registration and Payment:

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